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Well, those are symptoms. But do they bother you all the time every day, and kind of torture you? There is a show called Monk, an Obsessive Cumpulsive Detective (OCD ). OCD isn't cute like that. It's scary. I watched this show on the Discovery Channel, where this girl had OCD. She had about 30 crosses on her wall. If she could even imagine that some are aligned six in a row, she'd have to move them around. Because 666 is belived to be the devil's number. She hated OCD, because it prevented her from really Living her life.

I have been diagnosed with an obsessive cumpulsive personality; not a disorder. Things bother me, and sometimes I type every word I hear in my head. It tortures me and I can't pay attention to anything. I get obsessed with things very easily. Sometimes I play a song in my mind and it plays so loud that my head pounds. Also some times I can feel liquid infront of my brain. Or a pressure inside my head. Not on my head-- inside. I can feel it and the feeling of it projekts in my mind as clear-orange or silver liquid.

But this only happens very rarely for me. MAYBE once in 5 months. The typing is more controlable now. This isn't that serious. Like I said, VERY RARE FOR ME.

But like others have said, only a certified medical professional can diegnose you.
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