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Just because it's painless doesn't mean you should do it.

Originally Posted by
im out going and enrgetic
im up for almost anyting
i have bonde hair and blue eyes
i have been bullyed before
and i live with my mum and my brother (mum n dad got divorced ages ago)
You sound like a nice person!
Everybody gets bullied. They say bullying is not part of growing up. But I really think it is. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD GETS BULLIED. It is an experience that adds to all of us growing up. We go through it and learn from it. Adults get bullied by their co-workers. I think that it isn't just a part of growing up/puberty, but a part of LIFE.

I know about divorces. I think about my dad almost every day. How he abandoned me. But I wouldn't of been this way if it wasn't for him leaving. Think about it. I would probably be alot more macho than I am and not as good as talking to people or helping them.
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