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I wrote an essay on this earlier...

OCD is a pervasive and intrusive anxiety disorder. Most people experiance what we call obsessions, which are intrusive thoughts about a particular thing in that persons life. For example, before leaving the house many people often check they have locked all the windows...

The difference between whats considered 'normal' and a clinically diagnosable disorder like OCD is the pervasive nature of the disorder. People suffering from OCD can check their windows 200 times before they can leave their house, they may wash their hands 200 times a day until they are bloody raw in fear of germs.

Obsessions are intrusive thoughts that intefer with the persons life. For example -

"James believes that his cheeks are covered in radiation from the use of his mobile phone (obsession). He knows that this thought is completly irrational, but he can't stop himself from scratching his face (compulsion) 50 times each time the radiation thought occurs as it appears to relieve the anxiety created from this obsession. James has had to recieve medical treatment for his facial scarring on numerous occasions."

Many people have obsessions, and i can't tell you wehter you have a disorder or not, thats upto a doctor to decide, but don't get too worried about it unless your face starts bleeding. A good step to take would be to assert with yourself that its irrational when you do it, and remember everyone experiances thoughts they don't agree with, so you don't have ot agree with them either.

If you feel immense anxiety when not performing this ritual of scratching your face, you should try stress relief techniques, such as deep breathing (in out, all the way to the bottom of your lungs and all out your lungs - that sort of stuff).

If your anxiety persists and these obsessions interfer with your day to day living, for example your face becomes damaged, or you have to spend hours each day doing it, i highly recommend you consult a mental health practicioner.

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