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man that sucks... i know the feeling. my ex-girlfriend broke up with me after dating me for 2 weeks, and i didnt talk to her for as long as we dated. I loved her with all my heart, and i still do. Its been over a year since we broke up too. She in a way is the same type of thing, i still love her, i dont think she loves me. Each time i call her, because were still friends she seems pissed off at me for calling and i don't know why. Her excuse for breaking up with me is that i was the only actual nice boyfriend she ever had, she was used to asshole boyfriends (how screwed up is that?). Just try and be a regular friend, she might start to like you again. Remember lol the girls are the ones that are all emotional and stuff when it comes to this stuff, so give her a bit of space and let her decide for herself, don't try and push her. Hope I helped....


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