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Default Linspire Myths

Okay, now I know there are a lot of diehard Linux fans out there (well, not on this forum... but anyway...) who believe that Linspire isn't really linux, so I have made this little post to defend it. (For the record, it's not my usual distro).

Linspire isn't open-source.
This is incorrect. If you go to you will see that they are opening up their code-base.

Linspire isn't really Linux.
Wrong. It runs the Linux kernel so that makes it Linux. The latest version (5.1) ships with kernel 2.6.14.

They hate open-source.
Again, wrong. Linspire have contributed to, or even created, Nvu, Lsongs, Lphoto, and many others.

They force people to use the CNR warehouse. That;s the only way to install software.
Wrong. As Linspire is based on Debian it includes apt-get and dpkg, so you can install things from the apt repository or install .deb packages (and of course compile from source).

They charge for free software.
Wrong. The CNR warehouse is paid annually so you don't pay-per-download. They aren't seling you the software, they're selling you an easy way to install the software.

Linspire employs bad security practices.
Well, this one is true. Yes, it allows anyone to run programs as root without realising the damage they could cause. This is particularly bad is it is aimed at new users. This isn't a myth, I don't know why I included it. Just thought I'd point it out .

Linspire is the perfect distro for anyone who isn't extremely technical and wants to learn about Linux without a lot of hastle.

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