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Default Re: Twisted moment.... Need Help.

Well first of all, don't say that you know she's lying. You never know if she is or if she isn't, so don't assume that at all. If you think that she likes you, great, but don't let it get carried away. The first thing you should do now is talk to her. Let her know that GUY B and GUY C aren't accepted by you. Let her think about that for a while - even a couple days. Don't provoke her into telling you what you want to hear. I'm serious about this; that's the number one way of someone getting pushed into a relationship that they didn't want to be in. Anyway, if she likes those other guys, then there's nothing you can do, although you could ask her why she likes those guys over you. To be honest, I don't find it at all twisted that she likes two guys - many girls like a couple guys, just as many guys like a couple girls (think about it -.-)... After you've told her everything you think she should hear, maybe you should express your feelings to her by telling her the way you feel about her. Though again, don't lose your sanity if she really doesn't like you the way you think she does (her friend might not always be right).

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