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Someone needs applause for trying to explain Marxism with only using the word "Marxism" once, at at the end. China was not based of Stalinism, because if it were, the likelyhood of the U.S.S.R. falling out with the P.R.C. would be very low. Chinese communism is based off of a little thing called Maoism! Stalinism is not the only form of Communism today, nor has it been the only form of communism in the past. Your extinsive post reflected communism in general, not just Marxism, and for some reason quoted unmentioned scources. Communism never works out. It never has and it never will.Democracy is a more stable form of government. In the end, despite vast unclarity and general mass summary, we agree on this.

The term "utopia" is combined from two Greek words — "no" (ou) and "place/land" (topos), thus meaning "nowhere" or more literally, "no-place/no-land."


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