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actually estrogen is what makes you grow. I know it seems counter intuitive for estrogen to be the cause of why males grow larger but its true. and there are ways to increase production of it. In females they actually start producing estrogen right away during puberty. thats why girls tend to be bigger in the very beginnings of puberty. male on the other hand have no way of producing estrogen directly. in the beginning males create testosterone which increases male traits like aggressiveness, and other mental traits associated with being manly. however it is the estrogen that causes men to grow physically. in the beginning of puberty almost all the testosterone is used for other purposes of puberty, but when males begin producing more of it the extra is converted into... you guessed it estrogen. which by the way is one of the reasons steroids cause men to grow breasts. the extra testosterone is converted to too much estrogen which the male body cant handle. anyway in order to have extra testosterone to be converted to estrogen you should eat healthily and excercise regularly both in cardio and strength training. they should help you grow so you can get an earlier start. the exercise causes the need for testosterone and the nutrients supply the resources for it.
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