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Well you brought up a good point, erections. People think nudists are cray sex people, but actually erections and stiff nipples don't ccur very often, and when they do, nobody pays much attention. Somebody walking around with an erection will be asked to take a sit or leave at a resort.

On a different problem though, why do you care about how people look? If you don't want to look at someone, don't. Like on the internet, if you don't want to view something, don't. On the t.v., do you watch things you don't want to? Nope. There's no accounting for what offends people, and somebody who's fat has the same rights as someone who is skinny. I'm sure what I'm about to say rings true in most situations, who gives a fuck about your opinion, unless you have facts, people don't care. Everything I have said is fact, but "ew that person looks ugly" is an opinion. Deal with it.
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