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Default Re: Intel vs AMD

Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker
You could also get a ESD grounding strap, then you don't have to worrey about it at all.
What have you smoked? (j/k ) An ESD grounding strap (with or without the matt) only equalize voltage between a body and the case the strap is attached to. That might bring your overall voltage down to 5 volts, which is won't hurt your motherboard too much but can completely fry a processor. If anyone tries to touch a new processor's pins, then the poor thing would most definitely be fried (even with an ESD strap). ESD straps only minimize chance of damaging a computer from ESD (they do not prevent it).

Of course, if you meant that you just wouldn't have to worry about holding on to the side of a case, then I just explained all of that for nothing

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