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well i love playstation and people really care to much about their "stolen ideas". it will not fail, there is way to much of a fanbase. The Japanese government would bail sony out if they were at a huge loss over national pride, plus sony is a giant corperation is all outlets of media/entertainment so the failure of the ps3 would not bring them down. the motion sensors in the controllers are ooold technology. if you dont like it then dont buy one. I might buy one on launch but i work 2 jobs with plenty of cash to spare for it. Xbox does not have anything that excited me and wii looks ok only because its cheap as hell and i enjoy old nes and snes games.

Sony just makes the games I like, imo halo is wayy overrated its rediculous and most of the good games for the 360 i can buy/download free from my pc (oblivion).
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