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Umm... What about Marxism? You completly left that out. Please explain how you would implement your ideal communist system of government. Look at the strength of Capitalist societies of today in contrast with Communist. Even the Communist superpowers fell/fall behind the Capitalists. The only major communist force that has survived the cold war is the Peoples Republic of China, and once again, their economy is heavily reliant upon ours. Freedom of speech is limited; the same internet filters they use in my school district are used by China to filter out the internet to everyone. Look at Tinnamen Square. Do you think it is fair for the government to own everything? What about my right to establish my own buisness as a landlord or banker? In the end, can't the courts and laws protect the working class from abuse by the upper classes? ( sorry for turning this into a quiz)

The term "utopia" is combined from two Greek words — "no" (ou) and "place/land" (topos), thus meaning "nowhere" or more literally, "no-place/no-land."

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