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Originally Posted by Se7en
First of all, There are PLENTY of sony fans out there, and trust me the ps3 will sell out. Yes it is a hefty price tag, but considering how much they spent to make the ps3, its worth it.

and cody hun....u know i love u right? but sony will forever be rules.

i WAS SO MAD THAT TEHY TOOK OUT THE RUMBLE FEATURE, THAT IS A BUNCH OF bull....theys ay it interferes with the motion technology, thats a lie. Teh reason they took it out is because of that lawsuit they had with the people who made the rumble feature.

But I am still getting one, cuz sony owns
But they really didn't need the motion sensing technology. That's my only problem with it - stealing Nintendo's idea. -_- But yeah, it's really quite expensive, but it will have the best graphics ever seen in a console. Personally though, I don't see the need in buying one when I'll have the Wii - a friend of mine will have the PS3, so we'll both be using each other's consoles occasionally By the by, the rumble feature was good and everything, but I suppose it's not really needed... I mean, I've used the Wave Bird (for Game Cube) and it has no rumble feature - which I didn't miss while I was playing wirelessly. Though I'm guessing that a lot of 3rd party companies will try to make the PS3 controller with rumble...

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