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Default Re: I think i'm Bi-Polar

See a doctor, it's the only way to find out and get appropriate treatment. Don't worry, they wont put you in a straightjacket and shove you in an institute.

If you're being bullied, you need to do something about it. Don't passively let them bully you, but if you fight back, be prepared to whoop ass, and if you can't and theres too many of them or they're too big, SORT IT OUT, see a teacher, get some help, talk to your head.

I tell you, i was recently attacked by people i recognised from my college - i told my form tutor the next day, then saw the head of security, if they fuck with me again they are expelled.

Haven't had any trouble since. you see how easy it is? You can cut bulliying off before it gets worse, which it invariably could do. Talk to someone about it, it's only a small conversation and im sure you'll feel much better afterwards.

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