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Default Re: Pill popping rage!

Dude, your not an experiment for humanity trying to prove what drugs do to you...

Treat your body like youd treat your child. It's precious........

It looks like you have a labile mood. Do you feel the need to change, morph, bend your mood make it better higher different, when your not feeling like you want to.

Non drug users don't feel that way, they always feel 'better' and don't need to feel 'higher' than they were before, because they were never lower.

I hope you take some serious thought into your drug use, because you and i both know that drugs can bring good and bad times, but are they really worth the hassle? And really, could your life be that much better without them. Ponder the question, and think seriously - your life could be so much better without drugs. Just imagine yourself, in the future, not wanting to have drugs, your mind never feels it needs to change, your body doesnt feel tired, and your fresher clearer and fitter than ever before.

Think about it dude

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