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Default Stop Smoking - The Easy Way....

Im sure around a third of the forum goers here smoke. So how can you stop? What can you do to stop smoking?

Here's what doesn't work...easily, at all!

1. Willpower - What a load of bollocks. You think you should be fighting the urge to smoke for the rest of your life? If you still want to smoke when youve supposadly quit, and your fighting this 'urge' to smoke - you've failed already, you're still a smoker, and it's highly likely you will fail....

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) - Patches, gum, inhalators...You think pumping yourself with more nicotine is going to help you get off the dam drug? If anything, the whole idea of nicotine patches is just a money making scam.

3. Zyban - An SSRI (anti depressant), works by getting rid of the high feeling of nicotine and making your mood better (thus less withdrawal symptoms), its pretty successful....some people can have sex on a hammock standing up, but its not the easyway.

How to QUIT........

Firstly, take serious thought into purchasing a book called "Allan Carrs - The Easyway to Stop Smoking"....I've read it, and i've tried all of the other methods of giving up smoking, even hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Allan Carrs ideas are the best method to quit.

So how does the Easyway Work?

Well, if your a smoker come post here and ill use his stance on giving up smoking to see if i can help you. Seriously, if you want to give up, what are you waiting for...ALL smokers know they want to give up....

The easyway is simple, you keep smoking while going through the process of quitting. You don't cut down at all....You quit, all at once, cold turkey? you think it's hard...? Its not, not at all!

Smoking tobbaco is the biggest money making scam in the history of the human race. Let's question your beliefs......WHY do you smoke? and what's the truth behind the SCAM!!!!

1. I smoke to relieve stress! AAA *pulls hair out* - Well, inactual fact statistically smokers report higher levels of stress than non smokers. The only stress relief smoking gives you, is RELIEF not from stress but from WITHDRAWAL symptoms of nicotine - which is what you experiance as soon as you stub out the cigareete before the one that 'relieved' your stress, and so like the one before, and the many hundred before that.

2. Smoking helps me concentrate better!!! - Yeah, so your feeling nervous and agitated without one, your thinking constantly you want a cigarette halfway through doing your homework (and so you go and have one) then you get on with it....Of course it helps you concentrate, your not craving a cigarette when you have one, but if you don,t and you do your work or whatever it is your doing, you might just be constatnly thinking of having a cigarette.

3. Smoking reliefs boredom - What's the difference between you relieving boredom with a cigarette and without one? Nothing really? You'd be better off relieving boredom doing something else, like your homework, which you didnt do because you're a smoker.

4. I like smoking!!! and you cant stop me!! - Yes, we all like nicotine, that highly addictive drug. You know, if we coated rice crispies in cocaine, everyone would like rice crispies. There's no difference between smoking a cigarette, and taking drugs. nicotine is a drug, like heroin, people take it to relieve their withdrawal symptoms and continue the trap of addiction...

....keeep smoking as you read these.....

5. Relaxation - So, your lying back having a nice cigarette...Mmmm you can feel the mild crappy buzz! Isn't that nice.......Now, consciously smoke, notice how nice it is? you get a mild buzz for a few seconds and then you feel NORMAL....? no more high feeling, your just still smoking but nothing else...youve already got your hit, your just pumping yourself with more....relaxing isnt it.

If you enjoy smoking and don't want to give up...well look at it this way....smoking is a trap, to catch you out and set you up for death. To raid your pocket for cash and make you ill. All smokers know, deep down, that smoking is a stupid habit...but they're body tells them otherwise.

Your body is addicted, but is your mind?.....FAR more so than your body.

Your mind is brainwashed....You think smoking helps you, is a crutch...your sort of friend, saviour, a wonderdrug.

It's amazing what advertising and small talk amongst friends can do to someone. Just think one second about smoking - WHAT drug, on this planet, can STIMULATe someone (ie help them concentrate, socialise etc) BUT on the other hand DEPRESS their nervous system (help them relax, sleep, stress relief).

That's like selling you a sleeping pill which makes you goto sleep but keeps you awake....It's bullshit, it's myth, once you know the truth, you won't need patches, pills or magic potions to give up smoking....

You'll know what to do...and if you dispell these myths one by one as you smoke, and continue to smoke....more and more, you will quit.. Just like that, with no withdrawal symptoms, no weight gain and no stress.

Go on smokers, give it a shot.

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