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Unhappy Twisted moment.... Need Help.

Okay. I'm 13 and the girl is 12.
This girl I like (I've told her that I like her.) 3 days ago just kissed GUY A.
After I told her I liked her a while ago, she said she likes me as a friend (I know thats a lie because her friend is my friend and she told that The girl likes me and The girl acts nervous around me.)
She's tell me she likes GUY B and GUY C, who I hate!
She hangs out with GUY B and GUY C a lot more than me but she really talks about unstable things like kissing and making out and stuff and when she talks to GUY B and GUY C she talks about nonsense and teasing.

I still have feelings for her and I've tried getting over her but It's impossible.
All I can think about in class and school is HER. I feel bad because I can't have her right now and I know that the summer is coming so If I'm to do anything nows the time.

This story is twisted and messed up. Please Give me your Opinion and Thoughts. Maybe Ideas to get over her.

I would rather be with her in a relationship than just forgetting.

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