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Ha HA kiros. But ya i don't realy see much hardware on that computer. I think that apple would make a better coaster, or night light.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
I think if anything, DirectX 10 will allow PCI-Express cards to communicate directly with the RAM - if the motherboard allows it. Since PCI is ancient technology for computers, and PCI-Express is far superior to both PCI and AGP.
Ya, i know, I know, but *sigh* i don't have any PCI-E or AGP slots. So i am going to have to wait till i have the money to build my next comp, witch may be awile . But ya thanks for the info kiros anyway, i gusse i will just make sure my next computer's motherboard has a PCI-E slot.

Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."
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