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I am farmiliar with MaRxism, and I believe it is a positive theory. HOWEVER! It has never been succesfully implemented. The U.S.S.R. was not founded on Stalinism, it was founded on Leninism, which was modified from Marxism. (so many isms) I have don't have much to argue against Marxism, as you apparently have nothing to argue for it. Marxism is a philosophy, not a laid out system of government which does not state where the balance of power lies, or how the prolitariat should control the nation (democratically, republically,through a brutal dictator the people can impeach only by military action). I am not against Marxism, but I am against the way in which Marxist societies (none of which are economically prosporing today) are implemented. Communist countries usually are rated very low in the "freedom of speech" area. Lastly, look at the Marxist Labor theory of value, which states an item gains its value by how much labor is put into making it. It is dead. It is replaced by the subjective theory of value, which states that an item aquires its value by how much a person desires it. And I checked the text book, which agrees with Wikipedia, that the words which "Utopia" were derived from translate to "No place."

The term "utopia" is combined from two Greek words — "no" (ou) and "place/land" (topos), thus meaning "nowhere" or more literally, "no-place/no-land."

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