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Default Darker than Anything I've ever written

I don't have a title yet...any idea?
This is darker than any poem I've ever written before and I don't quite know where it came just spilled out.
I want some honest opinions cuz I think this sux, lol.

Shut the windows and lock the door
Throw yourself down on the floor
Now let go of those crimson tears
Release your hopes, Let out your fears

What? Second thoughts? We can't have this!
Think of how much you'd like to be his!
Now take that sorrow and let it out!
Slash your wrist til' your forced to shout!

Now, lay on the floor and cry for me
Your weakness is what I'm dying to see
Remember the times that you've been hurt
Watch the blood spread to your shirt

Let it out, darling. Make me proud!
Come on! Let's hear it! Scream, now shout!
No one wants you! You're hated! Unloved.
You'll never, hear me, NEVER be good enough!

Where are you, baby? Do you even know?
Do you have anywhere that you could go?
No you don't! Believe me! It's true!
No one will ever want to be with you!

How do I know all that I say?
That the pain and the hurt will never go away?
How can I say that you're not good enough?
How do I know you are truly unloved?

The answer is simple. Easy as can be.
Just open your eyes so that you can see.
I am your pain, baby
I am your tears
I am your hopes, darling
I am your fears

So, listen to me
and go to sleep
What I say is true
I know because
I'm You.
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