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Well I havn't had the time of my life lately I've been sad. Ya see here is the story. I love this girl more then anything in the world and I would do anything for her. I am always there for her and always love her no matter what. She is the world to me. Well I've been stupid and I've messed up before and well I really screwed up. So I broke up with her so she could have a better life. She started dating a new guy and I didnt like it all that much and i showed it but i guess I shouldnt have cuz it just got her mad. We dated for almost a year and loved eachother dearly. I just dont get it. Now she isnt dating anyone and she dont seem like she has givin me much thought. This whole time, every day I think about her. Im madly in love with her. But she dont love me anymore. I just wish i could some how make her happy. I dont know what to do and when I say anything about it she wont talk to me and will wait till the next day to even speak to me. I guess I just screw up too much. What should I do to make her not pissed at me..maybe like me?...but i want her to be happy thats really all I want. With me or without me. Should I give up or just let her be on her way?
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