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Default Re: Lifestyle Anorexia

hun this isn't a good thing, in health we are watching stuff about this. There is no semi-anorexic its you are or your not. there is no inbetween wether you want to admit it or not. This is a bad thing. in health we are watching a movie about this. how anorexic girls get severe scholiosis or something a spinal cord crap that can ruin your life. plus there digestive shit dont work and its all bad news. nothing is good from this. every day after school ill work out with you ill do whatever you want i just want you to be ok. ask me im here. plz just dont do this. its not right. i mean how would you feel if i did this? ask yourself if this can hurt you or not. Try having the self control thing by limiting the amount that you eat. not by not eating period. like one bowl of cerial in the morning or one plate of food for dinner or something just dont hurt yourself. dont be afraid to ask me for help
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