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Originally Posted by Murdoc View Post
A man is driving to his office one morning. Out of nowhere, in the passenger seat, Jesus appears. The man is shocked and amazed. He says to Jesus, "My Lord! What are you doing here?"

"My child, this is simply but a vision. I am not truly in the flesh."

"I know, but this is amazing! But why have you given me this vision?"

"Since you have been in the good graces of the Father, you have been awarded with the opportunity to enter heaven when you die no matter what you do in your earthly life."

The man is dumbfounded by this, and he asks Jesus, "Well there must be a catch!" Jesus answered, "Yes, but only one catch."

"What is it my Lord? I will do anything!"

Jesus looks further up the road for a few moments. He turns to the man and says, "You see that black guy crossing the street...?"
Nice =)

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