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Default Re: Keygens and Cracks

Here's the thing, before you even go back to a crack/keygen site, you must get/use a safe browser, like Avant Browser. When you want to go to a certain site like that (or just any bad site in general), you will want to start up Avant Browser and keep it on your home page while you do some tweaking. Go to Tools >> Disable Flash Animations, Disable ActiveX, Disable Scripts, Disable Java Applets. As for even more safety (from buffer overloading) you may want to disable pictures, sounds, and videos as well (all you really need is text and links anyway). Now then, make sure your firewall and anti-virus auto-protect (like in Norton AntiVirus) is on and running in the highest, safest mode possible. Now browse to what you want.

When you download a file, such as a crack/keygen that may have malicious functionality, only save it to a place that you can get to it. Then, if it is a zip, rar, tar, or ace file, unzip (extract) the contents to the same folder - do not run anything though. Now either do one of two thing (pending on your anti-virus): If your anti-virus supports it, highlight all of the files (archive and extracted contents) in that folder, alternate (usually right) click, and select the scan option - or - if you don't have a scan option in the context menu, then go into your anti-virus, select a type of scan that allows you to customize the folders it scans, and select the folder you want to scan (the one with all the contents in it).

That's it. If nothing is found (and your anti-virus software is up-to-date) then no viruses exist in the application(s). Make sure your anti-virus software is able to scan for more than just viruses (worms, Trojans, malware, adware, spyware, and joke programs for instance).

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