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Default Re: Junk-Food Jihad -- Should we regulate French fries like cigarettes?

The banning of fast food would be rediculous, so would the banning of fags, and the banning of pot is redicuous. The censorship of t.v. is rediculous, if I'm offended by fuck damn ass or shit I won't watch the tele, simple as that. Same thing goes for boobs, your kids gonna get harmed by seein a person's body? Nope. Your kid gonna be harmed if they hear profanity? only if you're a retarded parent. The government has taken control of too much, and the more the government controls, the worse society will become. Free country my ass. People need to be able to decide for themselves, that's whole meaning of freedom, you get to decide.

(if there's too much profanity, feel free to censor it, but that kinda ruins the whole point of the post, and you've become the man, man)
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