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Default Re: Hurts really bad!!

Heres the deal the chlorine did not "cut" you. and chlorine will not "burn" through your skin. the bleading toes person was probably in the pool a long time. and the toes normally have a lot of extra skin, but when your in water for a long time it weakens less elastic skin, like toes and fingers. and then scraped it on the pools bottom. you can use chlorine or bromine in a hot tub or a pool there are lots of configurations. Usually pools use a halogen to sanitize water. if you havn't had a lot of experience with sex she may very well have pulled too hard. even if you are uncut though it should retract all the way eventually. Once your completely healed try retracting it as much as you can without too much pain. eventually it will retract all the way with no problems.
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