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She locks herself up in her room
and then turns out the light
This is where her dreams come true
Dreams of wonder, Dreams of fright

In the middle of her room she stands alone
Deciding just where she wants to go
Every corner of her room holds great adventure
She takes a step into a life that's not her own

By the mirror, she stands tall and proud
Her body curved and thin
By the mirror, she's a model
Sought after by powerful men

By the radio, she begins to sing
Her voice so beautiful and true
By the radio she is famous
for her singing of the blues

Walking her carpet, she's in a beautiful gown
cameras flashing every which way
Walking her carpet, she's an actress
Her fans screaming from the fray

In her room, she gets lost in all of her dreams
Until her dad comes home and begins to scream
He screams and he hits her again and again
He beats her until she can no long stand

In her bed, she isn't alone anymore
No longer lost in her terrifying storm
In her bed, she is in her lover's arms
She is safe and secure and forever warm
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