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Default Am I Ready To Stop?

"You can use the following checklist to help determine how ready you are to end self-inflicted violence (SIV). While it is not necessary that you meet all these criteria before stopping SIV, the more of these statements that are true for you before you decide to stop this behavior, the better."

  • I have a solid emotional support system of friends, family, and/or professionals that I can use if I feel like hurting myself.
  • There are at least two people in my life that I can call if I want to hurt myself.
  • I feel at least somewhat comfortable talking about SIV with three different people.
  • I have a list of at least ten things I can do instead of hurting myself.
  • I have a place to go if I need to leave my house so as not to hurt myself.
  • I feel confident that I could get rid of all the things that I could use to hurt myself. (razor blades, cigarette lighters)
  • I have told at least two other people that I am going to stop hurting myself.
  • I am willing to feel uncomfortable, scared, and frustrated.
  • I feel confident that I can endure thinking about hurting myself without having to actually do so.
  • I want to stop hurting myself.

[From..The Scarred Soul--Understanding and Ending Self-Inflicted Violence.]

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