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Originally Posted by cosmos
Dude Blahages you're ultra leet!! thanks for indirectly sticking up for me against kiros, the idiot. your awsome.
All I was doing above was basically using what I know about my school, and another one which I work at, to counter his point. In many ways he was correct, but, at least in a few ways, for my school, at least, he wasn't. I mean, a lot of schools may do it different ways, but not all. As far as I know, Kiros wasn't nessicarily wrong in any place, that I know of. There are ways in which he is correct, but, not for every place.

Originally Posted by kevin
what the hell are you talking about, kiros is very intellegent. He knows more about computers and technology then you probly will ever acheive
Come on. Let's be intellegent here. Everyone here has their points. And, a lot of them are valid. But, there's no need to be negative.

I'm not questioning anyone's intellegence here. From what I've seen posted, Kiros certainly knows what he's talking about. I was merely stating that in some cases, it doesn't always apply. But, in other cases, it certainly does. So, we're both right.

...Unless anyone can prove either of us otherwise.

- Bill
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