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Originally Posted by Ravenous
But that stuff isn't punk at all though is it, thats not what punk has become, its a cheep copy.
Very few punks bands are still touring today, and even less still write records. However yes there is still punk scenes around in many citys. For the most part though, Punk is dead.
I'm not saying this with an "omgz i know more about punx oi oi oi im better" attitude, but lots of bands still tour and release records. Just look around some more. These aren't just local bands, either. There are current bands who are just as popular among punks as some of the classics.

If you meant that most of the older bands aren't, then a good amount of them still are, as well (considering most are at least in their 40's). Some played at the British Invasion 2k6 tour a few months ago, and a couple at the East Coast Oi Fest. I think a few still play regularly in Britain.
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