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Default Shower with best friend.

Okay, I live in sumwhat hard times. I have to pay large ammounts of money that I barly can afford. my best friend is a dude, and he lyk, is the same sex as me, and we slept over one nite. We had fun, did normal guy thigns , myspace, music, halo, and then we played football, well, it started raining, and we got wet and muddy. I stared at his nipples...look lyk pizza we got dirty, and we had to take a shower, well I wouldt have minded so much but since I was running out of money for bills, and he had bad news and had 2 sleep over (cant explain its bad) we decided to shower together, I didnt have swim trunks since I cant swimm well./ we trurned up teh water and got into the 2 sqaure foto shower, its small, so he gots in his underwear and I was naked, we sloshed around adn finally we locked into an embrace because of the tight squeeze! I let loose a premature scream! he grunted, hes a man! well, we eventually sloshed so much that out of my penis came a white buttery churn I nearly fell, and he caught me and said it will be allright, and I fainted, in a buttery mess, we havent called each other since...whats goign on to me!~? am i messed up?
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