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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by letsparty View Post
cut your penis
seeing as how the question you quoted was asked in 2007 I guess the OP has probably sorted it out by now, one way or another.

Originally Posted by Themanwithaplan View Post
im uncut and i have a question, when im erect and i pull the foreskin back (it hurts to do it) and it'll just roll back over and the head will hide again. The problem is my head hasnt grown and developed enough i think to allow the foreskin to stay underneath the head, the foreskin won't go under the head of the penis because the head is pretty flat and the bottom of the head isnt big enough to allow it to stay there. Also when I try to pull it back sometimes it'll just go semi flaccid, is this a case that's bad or am I just still developing?
Its perfectly normal for a foreskin not to stay retracted unless held back, mine would normally roll back over like you have described and its nothing to do with the shape of my penis.
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