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Default Been cutting since I was 10

Okay, here is my story. WHen I was ten, i started freeaking out because of something dumb, like maybe a toy or something, you know kids stuff. I went to my room, and in my rampageeous state i fell and sliced open part of my arm on a chair! I got a bad scar, and it sucked. I grew up, and in these teen years having a scar there makes everyone think i am emo and cut myself. I hate it, because i get called emo whenever i dont wear a sweater. it is almost summer, and it is HOT!!!. So now I dont wear one, and i get called emo again. i started to believe them, ad hated everyone. Then, one day, i tried cutting for real. It hurt... but I liked it because i felt better about myself and everyone. Now, I do it ATLEAST once a day with razors i get form my dads workshop. I dont know what to do. if i dont cut, people will make fun of me and the pain will be terribel. if i do cut, people will make fun of me and the painwill be terrible. do you see my PAIN!?! MY TRAGEDY!?! what do i doo?? someone help me! i see you guys who are really mature here, and how you help people, and i want in! please!

sorry for bad grammars i am very tired now and dont care about grammar, and my english is not good. sorry.
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