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Default Re: Junk-Food Jihad -- Should we regulate French fries like cigarettes?

i agree, BillyWitchDoctor, i think that we should should ban ciggerettes, as nothing good comes from them

about fast food, as being canadian(canadians are really fat but not as fat as the US) i eat fast food several times a week. i am not fat. yes, i am sure that when ever you go into a fast food resturant or food court, you see morboly obese people who are eating 3 combos of something in one sitting, and you think to yourself "Why?"

people have been making french fries and hamburgers and most other fast food items for years. it has only begun to begin to be bad because there are so many chemical additives that they add for flavour.

for example- the mcdonalds choclate milk shake(REALLY GOOD SHIT) has something like 40-50 ingreadents in them, none of them being real chocolate

not only are these ingredients tasty, but they are addictive

the goverments of the world know all of the chemicals that are going into the food, and they know its really bad-------why not stop it?

money-everything is based on money[how much more money will we make if we do this instead of this] rather thinking[which decision will benifit the people the most]

you cannot point fingers and certain goverments and companys, because they are all doing it, and they know it and they are millionares because of it

having that said, i think that the food should be alot more inforced, as in what they put in the food

i love fast food, its convient cheap and really tasty. that makes it even harder to not eat it
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