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Default Re: Pill popping rage!

im not atticted this is the first time ive taken pills, and i was just bored. I want to not take anymore, on the contrary. let me give u a series of events that happened from the dexedrine, not the best certainly, almost a negative high, but the most interesting.

in order which they occured (broken into segments)


-sensitive movement
-increased heatbeat

-faint feeling of the need to vomit (not like i was going to, but i could if i was upset rapidly, having a small tastless burp would make this go away.)
-burping (most likely to all the soda i used to wash the pills down with)
-teeth grinding (extremety of a normal habit)

-tingly (especially when joints are stretched or muscles are flexed)
-rapid breathing
-walking in circles
-music rage (moslty fast paced stuff (like metal))
-minor pressure on the chest (like someone is pushing on it)
-slightly dilated pupils
-slack jaw, breathing form mouth (inducing rare drooling)
-paranoia (i dont feel paranoid, but my dad just snuck up on me and i jumped like a foot, and i wasnt doing anything bad)
-excess saliva (especially during strongest periods of "illness," id be holding vomit down and drool would pour out)

ok, this probally doesnt happen at resonalbe doseages, but i took 5 times what was recomending (because of my impatients to its efects)
at the end everything came down on me. I had an emmense feeling of.. idk..sickness for a few seconds, in which i was about to throw up (thisis when the spit leaked from my mouth) eventually, i did throw up. dex induced vomit is as i see it, prolongable, not preventable. I was able to hold them down for a few minutes, but once u get that feeling, its coming out. The feeling that you need to vomit isnt that which pushed seemingly outwad on your throat, like when you are sick, it started in my stomache and i could feel it move up to my throat. I held them off by breathing deep and staying very still. I didnt have anything in my stomache, and i threw up a brown liquid, which was most likely pepsi and vile.
I had a sencere feeling of "sickness", and the transition from sitting to standing would be enough to reupset my stomache.


i think im climaxing at about 3-4.5 hours of taking the pills. i took 12 10mg pills 3 at a time over a period of avout 2 hours or less. I weigh 110-120 pounds with a 18.5 BMI, im at the 21st percentile of my peers meaning 80 percent of ppl weigh more than me.. I feel very tingly and cannot stop bouncing in my chair or listening to music, and my skin is very slightly numb, as in a cant feel textures as well. For me the onset of the dexedrine was a few hours, i did have KFC chicken and masked potatoes before this, but not alot, and i didnt eat each afterwards, so it is strange...


dexedrine is NOT worth taking! It caused me much more pain than pleasure. Keeping in mind that i like the tingly jitery feeling.
I didnt feel very much of a phyciatric change at all really, besides that i would mix up my sentences, using the wrong order and forgetting certain words. I think the mental and physical effects of this drug probally switch off at a certain doseage, one lower than that i took. I went through a rollercaoster of feelings, i went from hot to cold, numb to sensitive, restless to tired... Most of the things on did indeed happen,but a few didnt, for example i didnt become agressive, i became timid, and i had the opposite of a dry mouth. These efects are listed under the single amphetamine chemical, not its combination with dextro so erowid cant really be held liable, but they are a very good place for info on just about every phyadellic substance on earth. The LD50 of amphetamine for rats is 96 mg, i imagine it is a bit higher for humans, but i am not conforted knowing that. At nearly 11 hours i am still feeling ill, the effects that could be considered positive all ended about an hour or 2 before this.

I would defenitly not do this again, best thing from this i guess is that it kept me "entertained," and gave me a new story to tell. So for your own good, dont take this, and if u re anyway, keep the doseage down, even if u dont feel anything after a few HOURS.

\"An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind\"

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