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Originally Posted by Fruitloop0111
its hard at 1st, but uve gotta have something to say! if u stumble - oportunity LOST!
It isnt opportunity lost!
You jsut try again.
The next time you try it also gives you something to laugh about.
Dont be afraid to laugh at yourself.
Blame any stumbles on your brain being mush after a whole day of school, or that you'd had faar too much cola that day, or you could even try (if youre friends with her) explaining that its because youre deseperate to go and see a new film but you havent been able to round up anyone to go, then ask her if she has seen the film ..and if she would like to...ask if her friends would aswell...ask your friends...that way you can arrange a whole day of being around girls!
Anyway, as i said before, there is always something to say!
Dont try so hard, jsut relax and think about what youd actually like to talk about. What do you want to know about her?

Have fun!
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