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Default Re: PS3, 360, or Wii

Yes, it's fairly easy to hate the XBox 360 and to like Windows. Making a deal out of that is just like saying "My friend hates vanilla ice cream but loves chocolate ice cream! That's ironic! Wreaeahehaiah!" If someone hates the XBox 360 (and/or the XBox) it doesn't mean that they have to hate Windows, nor does it mean that he/she has to idolize Macintosh/Linux.

Anyway... Tim, you seem very open minded towards change Personally, I'd be afraid to get an XBox 360, after how much Microsoft completely screwed up the first batch. Could you imagine how angry some of the people got when they noticed smoke coming from their XBox 360? Oh, and the joy of the laser that actually ate away at game discs. If I spent some $50-$60 on a new XBox 360 game and only to have it trashed by the console itself, I'd form some kind of big riot and destroy Wal-Mart (or try -_-)...

The Wii's controller, however, is amazing. I admit, it didn't appeal to me (at all) when I first saw it. But this opens up so many new options. Current games will go with it - and most have already become excited about it - and non-gamers will become attracted to it, as everyone has used a remote, or a phone... It's just like that. Fit's in your hand nicely too. Just give it some time, eh Tim?

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