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NO communist society has ever been successfully empowered. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics tried communism, and they just ended up with a dictatorship of the communist party. Communists support a dictatorship of the prolitariat, the working class. There are many diffrent views of communism, which is why China and the U.S.S.R. had difficulties. It would be very hard to control power in a communist system, and would require all the people in a society to hold firm faith in the communist cause. This requires control over the public school system. Once a person has control over the public school system, they can mold the minds of children into whatever they liked. Hitler had kids learning that "the world is for the strong and brutal." They were taught that foxes eat rabbits because rabbits are weak, and therefore don't deserve to live. Stalin had kids saying "Thank Comrade Stalin for this happy life" every morning before they sat in their desks. It would be very hard for parents to regulate what their children were learning. Look at the communist countries of today and of the past. They have either failed, exist with poor standards of living, exist under harsh force, or are completly dependant upon other countries.(By aid, or trade.) China cheapens the value of their currency on purpose and invests heavily in American bonds. They also export to us upwards of 30% more to us than we do to them. In the past, I believe that this country has despised it so because that Communism is based on a system of one class of people dictating what the other classes have to do, which is the opposite of what the country stands for. Is that really fair?

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