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Default Loves life, and a souls destiny

Loves life, and a souls destiny
"Why does my body ache every second shes not around,
Its as if my soul becomes lost, not to be found,
Why do I dream to once again hold her in my arms,
Hold her close, protect her from lifes harms,
Is it possible to fall this fast,
In my mind, this has to last,
My love for her is larger then what is measurable,
Why was holding her hand so pleasurable,
She's my angel and no one will take her from me,
She was the one whom set my soul free,
Loves pain runs through my spine,
I wish I could go back with her and stop time,
I need to see her I cant wait any longer,
She has this glow to her soul, as if so high in honor,
I need her just as she need me,
Could it be her, yes...shes my destiny"


Copyright ©2005 APM

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