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Default Re: OK time to let loose

I quiet admire the fact that you are prepared to accept what you are that erns you respect in my book. you need to know what it is though, which parts of the body on either sex do you like.

Go for the one you can talk to for ages, the one whoes eyes you get lost in and whoes face you just want to kiss and then you must think which ''intimate'' parts do i like the best if you prefer penis to vagina then that doesnt automaticaly mean your gay. I think legs are a key part of the body, consider what you think on both sexs' legs o and ofcorse the arse i think that is when i found out i wasnt Gay but then again i think that is because i have fallen madly in love with a girl who is mentaly and physical beautiful who loves me back.

Good Luck think bout those things then it might help
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