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Default Re: help needed very confused

Look dont worry about it, many boys have these feelings about other boys not all but many, what you must remember is it is a sexual preference thats all it is its ok to have relationships and fantacies of both just dont fall in to the same trap as me of falling in love with a girl getting rejected and then falling for a guy and then to find that the girl really does like you and you find yourself with feelings for both people who both have feelings for you. i know what my prefrence is I am Bi/hetrosexual so my preference is girls and i am in love with this girl but i understand that you dont know what you are, just remember its ok to like both its a prefrence and what ever you prefer is your business and aslong as you become comfortable in your sexuality then you will be fine.

Good Luck mate i found my prefrence you will, i dont know when but you will.
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