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Originally Posted by Sephiroth
First, press ctrl alt delete and delete the program thats usually called sysmoniter.exe or techscreen.exe then simply make sure shes not going to realize your computer magically dissapeared or is not responding.
Ha. My school has all that stuff disabled, so you cannot access the list of processes, let alone close them. Even if you could, I bet they have that stuff set to we don't have rights to end them.

My School's crazy. They disabled a lot of crap. Like the command prompt, and a lot of other things. Most of these things can be easily gotten past though.

Like, they went through the GPedit.msc program on Win2k, and basically disabled everything. They tried to make it so you couldn't access C:\ or type in any file paths. But, all you have to do is make a link to it, and you can do all this. However, you cannot write to the Windows or Program Files directory.

Originally Posted by Sephiroth
((There is a much better way of doing it, but you need to know alot about hacking/cracking and I highly doubt you do or else you would of done this already.)
Not if they didn't know about this other way.

- Bill
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