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Hi i have known this girl for two years and six months ago i fell in love with her when we got really close, this is while she was splitting up with her boyfriend (one of my best mates). She cofided in me and I confided in her and i could see that she is a really funny and strong character.

Anyways so i ask her out a 3months later but she said that she couldnt and gave the excuse that she was still healing from her last relationship (which she had only properly ended a few weeks before i asked her)

Me and her have an argument which lasts for two weeks and she starts to hang round with my best mate (not her ex) and he falls for her and she gets infatuated with him. Anyway a week later i notice she is acting nicer then usual to me and i notice she started to get lost in my eyes durring class.

Then her and my best mate (her boyfriend) start rowing and she starts making excuses up not to go out with him. Anywyas me and her have a chat on msn and she lets it slip that she has fallen for someone else. So i said i know who it is and i was right it was me. So i rang her up and she is appologising that it took her so long to realise that it was me, me all along that she loved not the other two. So she told me what she had fallen in love with me over and why it was different to the other two. I said to her ''look darling i love you, i have loved you all along and you know that but i dont know if this is really what you want, i dont think even you know that, your an easy lover'' and she was begging ''this time its different, i have never felt this ay before, i want you'' and i believe her now.

Me and her are together now but on the quiet because i dont want her name to be dragged through the mill, and her to be called a slut because she is not she is a caring loving person who is scarred.

The problem is though i cant get close to her very often, there has been the occasional long hug and touching of each other in the corridor alone but i dont know why she doesnt want to be any closer, she keeps saying lets wait untill after the exams before we do anything but im a bit unsure as to what she means, im not ready to have sex with her and i cant ask her if that is what she means because if im wrong she will think i just want to get into her nickers.

Durring English i run my hand right up her leg under the table and she doesnt have a problem with that and to get her attention i touch her arse and still no problem but why wont she want to get close to me, what im looking for with her at this stage is a cuddle on sofa for hours and hours and a proper kiss? I think she does to but why will she let me touch her and yet we cant kiss or have a lie down together? Surely that should come before the other stuff? What is she looking for? Is she just an Easy Lover?

Please reply somebody, i know its long winded but please
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