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Default Re: PS3, 360, or Wii

Everyone one of my friends has definite sides with either Sony or Microsoft, however, everyone of them says that they want to get a combination of either the PS3 or an XBox 360 (pending on their liking) along with the Wii. It's going to be great. How revolutionary have game consoles been since the N64? The only thing has been different was graphics. That's all. And that's sad. The Wii will change that completely. It will bring all age groups together, along with all sexes, races, and religions - since Nintendo has amazing games mostly without extreme violence or prejudice or even complication. I'm sure we can agree with this. The Wii's controller is completely revolutionized! It can play any Nintendo game ever made, plus it has out-of-this-world motion sensitivity. You know what else? It breaks the inconvenience of being left-handed or right-handed - the controller can be switched between hands and work the exact same!

Nintendo is truly an amazing company. With that said, I give Nintendo (and the Wii) great acclaim.

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