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Default Re: The speed test...

It's impossible to measure the differences between mine. Here's what I got:

Rated at 144kbps/144kbps (Up and Down) IDSL (Crap)

In Windows:

Opera: 83.593s (134kbps)
Firefox: 82.969s (135kbps)
IE: 82.907s (135kbps)
Avant: 83.125s (134kbps)

Opera: 84.369s (132kbps)
Firefox: 83.614s (134kbps)

They're way too close to tell. Any slighest activity on my connection could make the difference between these. I know Opera beats the crap out of most/all of these browsers on average loads, for me, just from experience. So, I can't see how it's getting the worst each time. It's just chance. I get the same basic speed out of any browser I use anyway, especially with the test I did, which was the last one (Just 1.4meg image). I wanted the largest test so any little mishaps didn't mess the entire test up.

- Bill
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