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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

depression is caused by a chemical imbalence of seritonion and neurotransmitters.
but this chemical imbalence is often self induced in teenagers because of low self esteme.
your constantly talking yourself down, constantly telling yourself your worthless.
thats not helping you.
the mind does what its told.
tell yourself your something long enough, and your mind will believe it.
the chemical imbalence, like an appendge of your body, can be fixed with physical treatment.
you can use your medical enhancements, but they can have harmful effects.

if you suffer from depression, true depression, then you WANT to be not depressed.
so you will try what I'm about to tell you.
if you are depressed because you want to be, then you will disregeard what I'm about to say, thus proving that you are depressed and you cut for attention.

first off, stop cutting and stop talking negitive to yourself.
every single day, regardless of the circumstances, look into a mirror and say:
I'm a beautiful person, I'm a good person, I love me, even if you don't.
every day say, this is a great day.
I'm happy to be alive.
even if your not.
eat breakfest, and lunch and dinner.
and not junkfood.
but healthy, vitimin enriched food.
drink lots of water.

how in the hell can any of these things work?
well, just as your arm needs to move and work to stay healthy.
just as you need protien and calcium to get stronger.
you mind needs particular stimulation to stay healthy.
this is a proven fact.
you don't use it.
it will disipate into nothing.

if your not getting the natural amount of chemical levels in your brain.
then you CAN and SHOULD stimulate your brains chemicals manually.
having a good self esteme and saying positive, optimistic phrases will help stimulate the brain.
water is vital for any organ, or body part.
and it can and will make you more happy.
vitimans are important also for your brain and entire body in fact.

why do I say "you have to reolize what you are doing is stupid"?
I don't care if you suffer from constant pain and have trouble walking.
I don't care if your father beat the hell out of you when you were younger and now is a schized out stalker who sobs on the telephone, blaming your for all his problems.
I don't care if you live have lived in extream poverty and go to bed hungry many nights.

cutting yourself and talking yoruself down is not assesing the situation.
its only adding to your problems.
so yes, cutting and sobbing about your life is stupid.
can you actually argue that at all.
I'm i calling you stupid.
kinda sorta.
you need to get out of the shit your wallering in and be more productive.
there are things you need to reolize in life.
only you can make it better.
and sitting there sobbing is getting you nowear.
call me a bitch, an asshole, a bastard.
I say i'm helping you.
you may not agree.
but thats your loss.
if you refuse to help yourself.
then your only proving my point

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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