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Originally Posted by DjAndy
seeing as this is my first post.. here's my desktop, I like to keep it clean.

pretty crappy comp here are the specs:
athlon xp running at 1.3mhz, underclocked because my mobo can't take 266 fsb
512mb SDRAM lol
120GB ATA WD drive
some crappy ATI Rage video card
some crappy Sound Blaster Live! audio card
tweaked out windows xp sp2... runs great actually
Nice Desktop. I see you've got your computer underclocked like my friend does. Well, I guess his is.

He has an Athlon XP 2400? (I think) in a motherboard which doesn't support above 266MHz FSB, so, it's running at like an 1800+, but he then has speedfan overclocking the processor somewhat. I think it's clocked to 300MHz FSB or something close to that.

- Bill
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