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Default Re: The Amazon Rainforest

Abosu-fuckin-lutly NOT!!!!
We should NOT cut down the rain forest
it plays an EXTREMLY vital part in earths ecosystem
and if that becomes adversly affected then humanitys fucked

We have no right to harm a forest as ancient, vast and vital as the amazon

Some rainforest trees are 200 feet tall!
The Amazon basin is mostly flat. There are not many big mountains. The water that falls in the forests and in the mountains that surround the forest to the north and west flows slowly toward the Atlantic Ocean via hundreds of small, medium and large rivers. In fact, the Amazon river is the largest river in the world. At its widest point, the river stretches almost 100 miles across. Imagine trying to cross that! The Amazon rainforest is roughly three billion acres in size – about the size of Western Europe. Scientists believe that about 7-8 million acres of forest is being cut down each year. This is the same as losing 12 football fields per minute of forest! The Amazon is full of trees. In the Amazon, you can find over 300 different species of trees in an area the size of a city block! Many of these trees would have taken dozens of years to reach their full height, with canopies that can reach 200 feet into the air. The tops of the trees are filled with birds, insects and plants that need the sunlight that is only found at the top of the forest. Because there is so much rainfall in the Amazon (6-12 feet each year!), certain parts of the forest are flooded by rivers during the wettest months. The trees in these areas are able to spend months with their trunks underwater. Most of these areas will dry out as the rivers recede, while others remain flooded nearly all year.


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