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Default Hello, this is my only introduction so read it and love it

Hello, my names Sephiroth.

Real Name: Drew M
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Im a wanderer
IQ: 178

I am a computer programmer whom has mastered C, HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS, MySql, Java, Javascript, Perl, and Vbasic. Yes, I am a genius, and also a poetic one XD

But also in my spare time I councel kids, so if anyone needs any help my AIM is Vash the blamed , or if you dont have anyway of contacting me just PM me. Though I like chatting more.

I was born in ohio, where I was pulled with my mom to vegas where I was forced outside when it was 130 degrees outside. Moved back to ohio where I was beat by my dad and stepmom, then moved down in florida where I saw death in all forms, my mom whoring out to random guys, and I had multiple mental breakdowns. Then I moved back to ohio where I was beat again, then I moved and here I am now =)


Well if you want counceling from anything from Relationships to Sucide just contact me, I actually know your pain
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