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Default Girl Trouble!!!

ok heres the deal. I asked this girl out. she says yes. we went to Orlando for a school trip. she was extremly shallow and dumped me after one day. She was terribly sorry. so me being my wayy to nice self went and gave it another chance. it was going ok for about 5 days and then she starts like ignoring me at school for her freinds... (i hate tht!) then we went to Atlanta for a band trip and she walked with one of her freinds and not me for the whole trip! she called me up and was bawling promising to nver hurt me again. i didnt dump her. well the very next morning rite after the "promising to nver hurt me again" she basically ignores me as usuall and flirts with this other dude. ack. well it is most definatley time to dump her. but my question to yall is....DO U THINK THAT I SHOULD WRITE HER A NOTE AND DO IT? I KNOW IT IS MEAN BUT LOOK WHAT SHES DONE TO ME! think about it. advice plz. thanks
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